As a project for a creative concepts class, my group was tasked with creating new ways to market some of the best inventions of 2017, as decided by CNN. Our product, the UNICEF Kid Power Band, is a children's pedometer and app that helps combat two of the greatest issues facing children abroad: obesity and malnoursihment. As each kid in the US logs their steps, kids around the world from impoverished areas are sent care packages.

Since UNICEF forbids advertising specifically to children in their brand guidelines, we decided to target their biggest fans: their moms. By appealing to their want to see their child grow and make a difference, we framed the product as a tool that would help them help change the world even before their 4th grade graduation.

My role: Art direction

Team members: Erin Weiland, Lindsay Saiia, Manal Jakhar, & Taylor Haughton


For the Summer of 2018 I was a branding and marketing intern for Pangea.app, a startup from Brown University. Through the course of my internship I helped relaunch the brand with an entirely new brand image, assisted in redesigning the app from the ground up, and put together an online prescence.

The app connects college "hustlers" to jobs and gigs both within their college and the community around it. Since relaunching in September, the app has garnered hundreds of users and scores of transactions.

After the internship ended I transitioned into a marketing-focused role, helping to create engaging social ads and postering campaigns. I also assisted in events, including the Bazaar which featured sellers from the app in a farmer's market-esque setting.

My role: Art direction, copywriting

Marketing team members: Francis Park, Rachel Gross, Amber Teng, & Adam Alpert

Ocean Spray

The National Student Advertising Competition's 2018 client was Ocean Spray, who hoped to increase household penetration in 25-34 year old millenials. As a member of Johnson & Wales University's Ad Team, I worked as an art director and part-time copywriter to create a fully-integrated national campaign.

Focusing in on the idea that we all make a concisous choice throughout our day to keep doing the same old thing, we introduced the tagline "Add Different to your Day". By creating our own dayparts, we were able to serve ads to our target on the media that they were most likely to be using, rationing a sparse budget while spreading our footprint onto many different outlets.

Our campaign placed first in District One (New England), and just narrowly missed attending the Finals by coming in 9th in the Semifinal round.

My role: Art direction, copywriting

Creative team members: Andrew Morner, Arianna, Psy, Manal, Lindsay Saiia, Sydney Gray, & Lorianna Loagn.

Move Out + Donate

Move Out + Donate is a yearly campaign at Johnson & Wales University focused on encouraging recycling during spring move out. My team pitched our campaign to a panel of judges, ultimately winning and executing our vision.

Our tagline, "Don't Chuck It, Fill The Bucket" built off of the idea of driving recycling through nostalgia instead of fear, combining copy that triggers sentimental feelings for their soon-to-be ex-furniture with minimalistic graphics in striking colors. Different posters were targeted towards both On- and Off-Campus residents, with copy and graphics to match their use cases.

My role: Art direction

Team members: Lindsay Saiia & Desiree Severance

Center for Academic Support

As a group project for a PR class, I was tasked with redesigning the frankly clean slate of the Center for Academic Support at Johnson & Wales. The center, which has had little-to-no promotional materials in the past few years, is under a new director, and was seeking options on how to drive engagement.

Our theme centered around the idea of extending the entire learning environment at the university. By making the center's tutors more than just in-person Khan Academies, we fostered the idea of students taking a "minor in learning" through the center.

The main promotional packet that we created was an "admissions packet" for the center to be sent to new students, giving the future freshmen a fresh prespective on the center

My role: Art direction

Team members: Lindsay Saiia & Desiree Severance

Sweet Emotions

I created visual advertisements for use in an andvertising campaign prepared for the 2016-17 DECA competition. These were used during my group's presentation to judges at both the state and international level. Included were mockups of both physical and social media advertisements.

The company, Sweet Emotions, was a local, single location candy shop in Storrs, Connecticut (it has since closed its doors indefinitely). Their brand image had been centered around mystery, with bright colors reminiscent of Willy Wonka, and their signage and assets had included a characture of their former owner, a retired professor at the nearby University of Connecticut. The campaign that my partner and I created focused on market penetration and brand recognition among college students through the use of pop-up giveaway events known as "candy parties". The intention of both the pop-ups and the physical ads is to bolster social media followship, which would allow the company to run promotions through twitter and instagram.

As a whole, the campaign was designed to run on an extremely low budget, as the company had only done minimal radio advertisements in the past and were unlikely to agree to a larger campaign. We tried to maintain the mysterious elements of the brand, both with the minimal and eye-catching posters and the etherial nature of the pop-ups.

This campaign won first place at the State of Connecticut Conference and recieved an Award of Excellence at the International Career Development Conference.

My role: Art direction & Strategy

Partner: Bailey Dogget


This was a campaign created by a group for a marketing class. I had full control of the art direction and copywriting of the campaign.

Twizzler's despite having a long history and a high amount of brand awareness (as a result of being a Hershey's brand) has a very low market share in the Southwestern United States. Therefore, we created a campaign to target this region, centered around the idea of a road trip. Since it's fairly common for families in this region to take long car rides on the interstates that run through them during the summer months, we found that it would be a good segment to target with our limited budget of $500k. Through social media, magazine, and phsyical advertisements, we hoped to bolster both market share and revenue throughout the Southwestern US.

We focused on the shared platform of Facebook and Instagram for our social media ads, as cross-platform posting would allow parents to both share pictures with their Facebook friends while entering our contest on Instagram, while the magazine ads, placed in Coastal Living Magazine (which we choose based off of segmentation data from MRI+) would advertise the contest exclusively. Our physical ads, on the other hand, broke from convention in a fairly large way: we would make the rest stops that families would stop at along the way into giant Twizzlers. This was accomplished by wrapping the hoses of gas pumps in a vinyl print that would give them the appearnence of a classic Twizzler, and ads above the pumps would offer a deal on Twizzlers Bites for families to share durning the ride. This point-of-sale visual would catch the eyes of kids and parents alike, increasing the changes that parents would buy the snack.

My role: Art direction & Copywriting

Team members: Lindsay Saiia, Erin Weiland, Avery Sheruda, & Tyler Texeria