Build (and market) an app that helps students show off the skills they have & land them the jobs they deserve. And along the way, help them make a buck or two.


Created a brand with a look unlike any other in the city, with bold colors and fun, quippy copy. Our ads are made for the places that college students frequent: spots around campus and around social media.


Helped college kids get gigs. Also helped become a finalist in MassChallenge Rhode Island 2019.


I designed (and redesigned and redesigned) the mobile app to allow both students and businesses access to the platform. Working closely with the CTO, I implemented features and established a consistent visual language.


Using Webflow, I designed and created the company's website, which was later implemented into the web app via react native.

Print Collateral

I created a poster for startup showcases along with handouts to emphasize the app's ability to search students by their hard and soft skills.

LinkedIn Ads

As the primary designer and marketing strategist, I concepted, ran, and evaluated ad sets. This set was targeted at small business owners on LinkedIn looking to outsource tasks to freelancers.


Adam Alpert — CEO

John Tambunting — CTO

Kristen Mashikian — Engineering (Former)

Scott Bagley — Marketing Analytics (Former)

Myself — Head of Design