Even though tobacco use has plummeted among teens over the past decade,the rise of vaping has gotten hundreds of thousands of students hooked on nicotine.


Middle and high schoolers trust their older siblings much more than their parents, but are prone to pick up their bad habits.


Communicate to college students that their siblings aren't naive to their juuling habit through a multisensory experience.

"Cologne" Ad

Placed in sports magazines, fake cologne ads will entice readers to smell what they think is "L'eau de Vapeur", but is actually the sickly sweet scent of cotton candy vapour.


Few colleges allow Freshmen to have cars, so they're reliant on university and public transportation. Bus and train ads will remind them of the impact their actions have on their siblings.


An anthem poster ad lays out the arguement against vaping near younger family members, while two additional posters back it up with imagery meant to remind pedestrians of their siblings.


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