A startup restaurant POS company, Upserve is fighting an uphill battle for relevancy in an extremely competitive field.


Social media is both the pain point and the heart of running a restaurant.


Help restauranteurs bridge the gap between their business and their customers with savvy social media tools.

Demographic Tool

Using Claritas Prizm data, we would allow restauranteurs to find out the most prominent demographics in their zip code. This would give them access to personalized social media marketing guides and a menu checklist (after filling out a lead form, of course).

Website Redesign

We redesigned Upserve's current website to focus on conversion, linking out to the demographic tool. This also included product stories, interactive explanations of the strengths of each product that feel natural on a mobile device.

Brunch & Learn

Upserve will host brunch learning sessions at local restaurants to spread awareness of the platform. Each host will be an existing customer acting as a brand ambassador, allowing participants to see first hand how Upserve can help them run their restaurant more smoothly. And, everyone who attends will get a free branded corkscrew.


Cover stories in local food-focused magazines will give readers an insight into the restaurants they look up to, regardless of if they work in the food biz or just like the occasional plate of tapas.


Sarah DeFlaminio & Strategy & Media

Myself & Copywriting & Art Direction